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by Oestreicher, Morrow, Avery, & Albert

Red Scare 03:14
Aftermath 02:53
Never Enders 02:54
Row Homerun 06:17
Stock Tip 02:07


Red Scare (Jeff Albert)/Aftermath (group improvisation)/Dance of the Hypocrites (group improvisation) - “Red Scare” is composed by Jeff and is about how things change before our eyes, and sometimes we see the change happen and sometimes we don’t. Soon we have something completely different and we are unsure how it got there. After this take of “Red Scare,” Jeff said let’s play the soft thing we were about to improvise before we stopped, and “Aftermath” is what happened. The music kept happening and Goat kept recording. When it finally stopped, Goat asked what to call the last song and Jeff said, “Dance of the Hypocrites.”

Meditation on Location (Dan Oestreicher) - What if Julius Hemphill wrote pop ballads? Is this song the answer? Probably not?

Matthew and Robert Discuss Jibaritos (group improvisation) - This is what our friend Rob Mazurek would call a 30 second rocker. The sounds reminded me of a conversation he and Matt Lux had about the best jibarito spot in Chicago.

The Good Kind of Vibey (for Alvin Fielder) (Jeff Albert) - Alvin Fielder always had a happy beautiful vibe, even when he was pretending to be grumpy, and giggling while he said, “aw man, nobody likes Al Fielder.” He was definitely the good kind of vibey, and I miss him.

Debs in the Dining Room (Dan Oestreicher) - Early on it became obvious that this project would be all about disguising the true references in the songs with references to lefty politics. Eugene V Debs was the most successful (read: still not very) Socialist presidential candidate in United States history. During my childhood, my dad collected, among many other things, Eugene V Debs memorabilia. Ergo, I grew up with Debs in the Dining Room. 

Never Enders (Dan Oestreicher) - Way back in the before-times of 2016 I had the distinct pleasure of playing on Johannes Enders and Micha Acher’s album “Brookland Suite” with Howard Curtis. The process of making that album was very eye opening for me. We did the entire thing in 2 days in Johannes’ basement studio. I had never met Johannes or Howard before that first day. I never saw any of the music before that day either. Despite this, the record turned out great, partly because of the great writing and excellent musicianship, but mostly because of the open, creative, welcoming, and accepting environment of the session. I return to this often as a lesson in not overthinking and letting go. It was in this spirit that I asked Jeff about doing something similar. “Never Enders” is written as a tribute to Johannes’ singular sonic language as well as these feeling of collectivism. 

Row Homerun (Dan Oestreicher) - This composition it partly about 12 tone structure, partly about augmented triads, partly about alternative score construction, but mostly about Carlos Santana signing with the Kansas City Royals. 

9th Ward Trotsky (Jeff Albert) - This song was composed in 2008 and recorded on Jeff’s album “Similar in the Opposite Way.” The title has little to do with Leon Trotsky, except that the long goatee worn by Dan at the time made him resemble the communist, and Dan lived in the 9th Ward. Since the song was named for Dan, we had to record it on this session.

Stock Tip (Jeff Albert) - This title is also inspired by Alvin Fielder. He loved to tell us all which stocks we should invest in and why. The music is just jazz…plus some other stuff. Just like Mr. Fielder.

Context: Dan & Jeff have long conversations about lots of things. Baseball is one of those things, and a conversation about the off-season signing of Carlos Santana by the Kansas City Royals (the team Jeff roots for) eventually led to the existence of this recording. We resisted the temptation to call the band “The Carlos Santana Memorial Orchestra” because it may have been confusing, and neither of the Carlos Santanas are dead.


released April 2, 2021

Dan Oestreicher - baritone and alto saxophones, recorder and other sounds
Jesse Morrow - bass
Mikel Patrick Avery - drums, percussion, recorder and other sounds
Jeff Albert - trombone

Produced by Jeff Albert & Dan Oestreicher
Recorded by Goat on January 9 and 10, 2021 at House of 1000Hz in New Orleans
Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Albert
Cover image by Dan Oestreicher


all rights reserved



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